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types of manicures for natural nails

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This stops the uv gel from lifting near your cuticle. To do this you can use an orange wood stick or a metal cuticle pusher. Push your cuticles back gently the tip (or free edge ) of your nails should now be filed down or cut to your desired length. Filing the free edge finally, your nail plate needs to be gently filed to dry it out and get rid of any moisture this is very important for the uv gel to adhere to your natural nail Tip: These can be done in any order. File your nails until they take on a white-ish colour Step 3: nail dehydration Using your nail dehydrator, smooth a thin layer of liquid over your natural nail plate. It should only take a few seconds to dry. Important note those who are also applying artificial nail tips need to apply them first before the dehydrator, otherwise it makes it very difficult for the tip to stay glued on to your natural nail.

types of manicures for natural nails

Expensive makes are better, but I personally prefer to save money and use the cheap ones because they have always done the job _ If applying nail tips then you will also need:. False nail tips ( canada us ). Nail glue ( us ). Acrylic nail cutter ( us ) Equipment needed if youre applying tips Optional but still recommended:. Nail dehydrator ( us ) (a liquid that you apply to your natural nail to remove moisture). Cuticle cream ( us ) (to hydrate/soften your cuticles at the end of the manicure). Dusting brush ( us ) (used to gently remove the dust created around your nail, using your fingers may add moisture back onto the nail surface).

Cotton bud ( us ) (used to remove any uv gel off the skin before curing the gel under the uv lamp) Optional equipment when creating uv gel nails treatment Step by step instructions Step 1: Cleaning your nails your nails need to be clean,. You may have left on from previous pampering. Do this using nail polish remover and a cotton pad. Removing old nail polish Tip : Rotating in small circles usually works best; especially when its that stubborn nail polish that doesnt seem to want to come off! (you know who you are glitter polish step 2: Preparation your cuticles need to be gently pushed back, or cut depending on how much they have grown.

Types of Gel Manicures

Medium size brush ( us ) (used to apply the builder gel). Uv lamp lycium ( us to cure (harden) the gel). Cleanser plus ( us to remove nivea the sticky residue from your brush and nails after curing). Cotton pad ( us ) for the cleanser plus (lint free wipes are recommended so no annoying fluffy bits come off on to your nail). Nail File ( us ) (to dehydrate your natural nail plate before any gel is applied). Cuticle pusher ( us ) (part of the preparation) All the essentials for creating uv gel nails I remember all of this equipment seeming like a lot when I started out. Luckily, you can get most of this stuff really cheap on ebay.

types of manicures for natural nails

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The no-light gels do not need a lamp, instead they need a gel activator that can be brushed (or sprayed) on to the nails. Some types can actually be cured just by dipping your nails in water. I personally use the uv gel which needs to be cured under the uv lamp (light cured). This is what I started out using as a very beginner and I found it really easy to use. Equipment, to create uv gel nails at home you are going to need (ive included links for those of you in the uk and the. Nail polish remover us ) cotton pad us to remove any old nail polish). Uv goji gel primer us the first clear gel used as a base coat). Uv builder gel ( us a gel that is generally thicker than the primer top coat to give your nails a strong overlay comes in a variety of colours). Uv gel top coat ( us another clear gel that is used to secure the whole design with a great shine).

Nail Dehydration, step 4, applying false nail tips, step. Applying uv gel primer, step 6, applying uv builder gel. Step 7, applying uv gel top coat what peeling are uv gel nails? Once uv gel is applied and cured to your natural nail, the hardened gel can be designed just as your natural nail would. You can apply nail varnish and rhinestones etc. It comes in all different colours, even glitter colours. Uv gel is used more often than nail varnish because it lasts a lot longer and it is great for applying over false nail tips to secure them in place. There are two types of gels: light cured gels no-light gels. The light cured gels need to be cured (hardened) under a uv lamp.

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I just released my first ebook! A handy package containing all you need to know when it comes to doing your own nails at design home (and saving a ton of money!). It also contains 10 gorgeous Christmas designs! You can take a look at that by clicking here. the menu below is a quicker way to skip to where you want to go just use the back button on your browser to return to this menu: If youre looking for nail art designs, you can see the latest ones here! What are uv gel nails? Equipment, step by step instructions, step. Cleaning your nails, step 2, preparation, step.

Types of manicures for natural nails
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