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The german pharmacist Stephan Wagner collected the most striking and perhaps the most beautiful form of all, around 1986. He found this bamboo as a seedling at the jiuzhaigou park (Garten Praxis 3/1999) in Northern Sichuan. Chinese researchers had already mentioned Fargesia nitida was flowering in this area, but the plant did not fit the species description at all. However, when we take into account the natural variation within the species and thereby enlarging the frame of reference, this bamboo belongs to the group of Fargesia nitida. Meanwhile, alongside the provisional name fargesia. Jiuzhaigou 1 other names like fargesia nitida 'jiuzhaigou fargesia nitida aff. 'jiuzhaigou' and Fargesia. 'jiu' are being used for this bamboo. Later on, it turned out that.

The following winter was not very cold with only minus 12C (10F) and the plants did not suffer at all. The winters that followed were not very cold either, but in southern Germany the plants withstood frosts down to -18C (0F) without too much damage. At Max riedelsheimer's different place, the winter of 2000/2001 was too severe for a young plant. My guess is that the hardiness is comparable with the small leaved form of Fargesia robusta. Like fargesia robusta, new shoots of this new bamboo develop rather early.

If we should decide to group bamboos, these two would certainly be placed together. One important difference from Fargesia robusta is the long slender leaf and the beautiful gracious arrangement of the leaves. After about three years of growth the bamboo has almost reached 4m (13 feet). If we consider the culm width of 2cm, this bamboo will develop into a giant Fargesia, and will (perhaps) someday get its own name. Jiuzhaigou, in recent tuinparasols years a number of important new introductions of Fargesia nitida and related types have been imported into europe.

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To avoid having too many species something will have to be done. Korea has been in use as a name ever since i started with bamboo. Also, arundinaria fangiana or Tungchuan 2 will have to live with its provisional name, and many more have joined the party since. Among the various new introductions that have reached us, some bamboo species immediately attract attention, but only later are their secrets revealed. This is the case with one bamboo in particular. In the spring of 1997, a broken box arrived at my place containing some bamboos collected from the wild.

Various large clumps with relatively thick culms took up part of the space. Some culms had a diameter of more than 2 cm (3/4 inch). On the labels we read Fargesia scabrida. My colleague hans Prins and I looked for the description of this species, but the thick culms did not seem to fit the description, or perhaps this could have been a giant among the scabridas. According to our collector in China, these plants had been found at an elevation of 2,700 m (8,858 feet) in Pingwu in Northern Sichuan, a site where plants should be considerably hardy. From the base of these culms several small shoots developed in the first year displaying small and elegant leaves. It took a complete growing season for the plants to adapt, but early in next spring, large shoots had developed. One plant was planted outdoors, and in late summer several new shoots came up and side branches developed quite rapidly. The strong colour contrast between the orange-brown culm-sheaths and the young purple culms was especially spectacular.

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Hybrids pose even greater difficulties. Crosses between various species occur more often in nature than we might expect. The hybrid identity of a number of bamboos like hibanobambusa tranquillans and Semiarundinaria has been unveiled. Various species of these bamboos still have the status of a species, but even Sasaella is considered a hybrid by the French botanist Demoly. In their natural environment, hybrids often perform better than the individual parent species through an tattoo optimal mix of parental qualities. Such sterile species can colonize areas for a long time without contributing to evolution by producing offspring. Perhaps the long intervals between flowering periods are in part an evolutionary adaptation to avoid such hybrids. Nevertheless, such types can of course be valuable or interesting for. Several of the recently introduced bamboos have to be labelled with 'sp.' sale or 'species' because they cannot be classified correctly.

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Each botanist can easily connect his or her name to vrouwen the introduction of a new species. In fact, as with Rhododendrons, we should return to a classification that is much less rigorous. We should think more in terms of groups and types to classify bamboos, and when more becomes known about the relationships among the types through dna-fingerprinting, attempts could then be made to delimit such groupings. For example, it can be expected that in the enormous wild resources of the species Phyllostachys glauca giants as well as dwarfs will occur, along with arching and erect types. Some of these could prove to be extremely hardy, whereas others are barely able to withstand some frost. If all wild species would inherently have such large variation, perhaps we will have to discard the current methods for determination and identification. In reality, various superior selections from wild resources have been cultivated in China for consumption of edible shoots, or for building materials. After a period of flowering selections have been made from seedlings, these have been given names, thereby reaching the status of a species name in our times, often unjust.

This limitation is perhaps seen most clearly in the offspring of the once omnipresent and familiar Fargesia murieliae. At first, we knew which characteristics to look for in identifying this species. Now, the height of the new generation varies from 50 cm (19 inches) to up to 5m (161/2 feet). There are various types without the typical powdered culms samsung of the original species. Reddish or green colours on the sheaths are seen. There are various types that perform well in deep shadow, but also selections that can grow well in sunlight. If we did not know their origin, we could easily be bamboozled and 'select' four or five new species. In a similar way, various species have been named in the bamboo world that do not deserve this status.

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New Introductions, serum about 15 years ago, naming bamboo was a relatively easy task. Pseudosasa japonica, fargesia murieliae and Phyllostachys nigra were multiplied from mother plants introduced in Europe by the first growers and collectors. Back then, we knew precisely how to identify these species and first attempts were initiated to map new introductions. We assumed that all species of the bamboo family could be placed clearly and unambiguously in a logical system of classification. After more introductions from China and Japan however, we learned that the task of naming and classifying bamboos was more problematic than originally considered. After the opening up of China, various species collected from the wild reached Europe. These new introductions certainly did not contribute to a better overview. Despite serious attempts to provide detailed descriptions of species, more and more bamboos seemed to be something different.

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