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If you're iron deficient or at risk of iron deficiency, you would do well to incorporate wolfberries into your diet. Just one serving provides 10 percent of your daily iron requirement. Antioxidants are plant compounds, including pigments, vitamins, minerals and other compounds, that counteract cell damage and have been comprar associated with lower risk of chronic diseases. Wolfberries provide a variety of antioxidants, including plant pigments called phenols, polysaccharides, vitamins a and c, beta carotene, lycopene, riboflavin, thiamine, selenium and nicotinic acid. A study on rabbits published in "Life Sciences" in 2004 verified the antioxidant effect of wolfberries. Scientists found that wolfberry extract significantly reduced blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the rabbits after just 10 days. The researchers attributed this phenomena to their high antioxidant content. In "Herbal Medicine: biomolecular face and Clinical Aspects researchers concluded from the current medical literature on wolfberries that there are no significant short term or long term side effects from eating them. However, there has not been rigorous study of their side effects. New York University's Langone medical Center notes that wolfberries have been eaten since ancient times and are generally considered safe and free of side effects. You're most likely to find wolfberries in their dried form, and you can use them like you would any other dried fruit.

chinese wolfberry

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Wolfberries, typically called Goji berries and sometimes called Chinese wolfberries or lycium berries, are edible berries that pack a nutritious punch. Ancient Chinese medical practitioners used wolfberries to treat dry skin and dry cough, and to promote longevity and improve sexual desire. Current medical literature can't back up the use of wolfberries as medicine, but these berries have nutritional value that can make them beneficial for your health. A one-quarter-cup serving of dried wolfberries has 104 calories, with just one gram of fat. The majority of the calories come from carbohydrates, but they're also a decent source of protein. Wolfberries give you 4 grams of protein per serving, and have 18 different cream amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein that play basic but important roles in the body. They also contain 3 grams of fiber per serving, which promotes digestive health. Wolfberries are a potent source of vitamin a - just one-quarter-cup serving gives you 140 percent of your daily recommended intake. The same amount also gives you 20 percent of your daily vitamin C recommended intake.

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chinese wolfberry

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Longan is an edible fruit related to the lychee. Fruit is juicy and sweet. Can be eaten raw as a fruit. Fresh or dried longan can be used in cooking. Chinese fish soup recipes and reap the health benefits of pairing them with.

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Pang da hai (Malva nut), pei lan (Eupatorium), pi pa ye (Loquat leaf), pu gong Ying (Dandelion), pu huang (Cattails). Qian cao gen (Madder root), qian hu (Peucedanum), qian niu zi (Morning Glory Flower seeds), qian Shi (Euryale), qiang huo (Notopterygium), qin jiao (Gentiana), qin pi (Ash Tree bark), qing Fen (Calomel), qing hao (Wormwood), qing pi (Orange rind), qing xiang zi (Celosia seeds),. Ren Dong Teng (Honeysuckle vine), ren Shen (Ginseng), rou cong Rong (Cistanche), rou dou kou (Nutmeg), rou gui (Cinnamon Sticks), ru xiang (Frankincense). San Leng (Scirpus Fluviatilis), san qi (Tienchi ginseng), sang bai pi (Mulberry bark), sang ji sheng (Loranthus Mulberry mistletoe), sang Shen (Dried Mulberries), sang ye (Mulberry leaf), sang Zhi (White mulberry Twig), sha ren (Black cardamom), sha yuan ji li (Milkvetch seed, Astragalus seed), shan. Tai zi shen (Prince ginseng), tan xiang (Sandalwood), tao ren (Peach seed), tian mask hua fen (Chinese cucumber), tian ma (Gastrodia elata), tian Men Dong (Asparagus roots), tian Nan Xing (Arisaema), tian Zhu huang (Bamboo silica, tabasheer), ting li zi (Peppergrass seeds), tong cao (Rice paper. Wa leng zi (Cockle Shell, Ark Shell), wang bu liu xing (Vaccaria seeds), wei ling xian (Sweet Autumn Clematis), wu bei zi (Galla Chinensis), wu gong (Centipede), wu jia pi (Acanthopanax Bark), wu ling Zhi (Flying Squirrel Feces), wu mei (Prunus mume), wu shao she. Xi gua pi (Watermelon Rind), xi jiao (Rhinoceros Horn), xi xian cao (Siegesbeckia), xi xin (Chinese wild Ginger), xi yang Shen (American Ginseng root), xia ku cao (Prunella vulgaris), xian he cao (Agrimony Grass), xian lu gen (Fresh reed Rhizome xian mao (Golden eye grass. Ya dan zi (java brucea fruit, Brucea yan hu suo (Corydalis Rhizome ye gu (Ghost Flower, aeginetia indica ye jiao teng (Polygonum Vine, fleeceflower Vine ye ju hua (Wild Chrysanthemum Flower ye ming Sha (Bat Feces yi mu list cao (Chinese motherwort yi yi ren (Seeds. Zao jiao (Chinese honeylocust Fruit, Gleditsia zao jiao ci (Spine of Honeylocust Plant ze lan (Bugleweed ze xie (Water Plantain root Zhe bei mu (Fritillaria bulb Zhen Zhu (Pearl Zhi gan cao (Honey fried Licorice root Zhi ke (Ripe Fruit of Zhi Shi zhi.

chinese wolfberry

Chinese, wolfberry, benefits doses

Gan cao (Licorice root), gan jiang (Dried Ginger root), gan sui (Kan sui root), gao ben (Chinese lovage root), gao liang jiang (Galangal Rhizome), ge gen (Kudzu root, pueraria), ge jie (Gecko), gou ji (Chain Fern Rhizome), gou qi zi (Chinese wolfberry Fruit), gou teng. Hai feng Teng (Kadsura Stem, futokadsura Stem), hai ge ke (Clam Shell), hai piao xiao (Cuttlefish Bone), hai tong pi (Coral bean Bark), hai zao (Sargassum seaweed), han Fang ji (Stephania root), han lian cao (Eclipta Alba), han Shui shi (Calcitum), he huan hua (Albizia. Ji nei jin (Chicken gizzards Stomach Lining), ji xue teng (Evergreen Wisteria, millettia reticulata), jiang Can (Bombyx Mori, silkworm), jiang huang (Curcuma longa, tumeric Rhizome), jiang xiang (Dalbergia sissoo, dalbergia odorifera), jie geng (Balloon Flower Rhizome), jin qian cao (Gold coin Grass, lysimachia), jin Yin. Ku shen (Sophora Flavescens, sophora root), kuan Dong hua (Tussilago farfara, coltsfoot Flower), kun bu (Kombu, kelp). Lai fu zi (Radish seeds), li zhi he (Lychee nut), lian zi xin (Lotus Plumule), lian qiao (Forsythia), lian zi (Lotus seed), ling Yang jiao (Antelope horns), liu huang (Sulfur Powder), liu ji nu (Artemisia plant), long Dan cao (Gentian root), long gu (Dragon Bones). Ma bo (Puffball Mushroom), ma chi xian (Portulaca Oleracea, purslane), ma dou ling (Aristolochia), ma huang (Ephedra), ma qian zi (Nux Vomica), mai men Dong (Monkey grass, mondo Grass), mai ya (Barley malt), man Jing zi (Vitex Trifolia), mang xiao (Glaubers Salt), mei gui hua. Nan gua zi (Pumpkin seeds), nan Sha Shen (Adenophora), niu bang zi (Burdock), niu huang (bezoar), nu zhen zi (Chinese Privet, ligustrum Lucidum), nuo prairie dao gen xu (Glutinous Rice root ). Ou jie (Lotus root Node).

For the sake of the easier retrieval, here are the herbs A to vette z to you. Ai ye (Mugwort leaf, moxa. Ba dou (Croton seed), ba ji tian (Morinda root), bai bian dou (Hyacinth bean), bai bu (Stemona root), bai dou kou (Round Cardamon Fruit), bai fu zi (Typhonium Rhizome), bai guo (Ginkgo nut), bai he (Lily bulb), bai hua she (Agkistrodon, bungarus Snake with Inner Organs. Can Sha (Silkworm Feces), cang Er zi (Cocklebur Fruit, xanthium), cang Zhu (Atractylodes), cao dou kou (Katsumadai), ce bai ye (Biota leaves), chai hu (Thorowax root, bupleurum), chan tui (Cicada moulting), chang Shan (Dichroa root), chao huang bai (Dry Fried Amur Cork Tree bark), che. Da fu pi (Areca peel, betel Husk), da huang (Rhubarb), da ji (Japanese Thistle), da qing ye (Woad leaf, Indigo), da zao (Chinese date, jujube), dai zhe Shi (Hermatite), dan dou chi (fermented soybeans), dan Nan Xing (Jack in the pulpit Rhizome and Bile), dan. E jiao (Donkey-hide Glue, gelatin), e zhu (Zedoaria rhizome). Fan xie ye (Senna), fang Feng (Ledebouriella root), fo shou (Finger Citron Fruit), fu hai shi (Pumice), fu ling (Poria, china root), fu pen zi (Chinese raspberry), fu ping (Duckweed, Spirodela), fu xiao mai (Un-Ripe Wheat Grain), fu zi (Prepared Aconite root).

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So, do you know how many Chinese herbs are there? The quanlity of them has been nighttime an unknown figure for so long. Now there is a relative reliable answer to it approximately 8,000, according to the preliminary statistics in recent years. As far as common herbs concerened, the numbers are about 700. As a tcm practitioner, you have to find a better way to categorize such a vast database, so that you can learn, rearch, and use them with more comfort. Currently the most popular ways are classifying them according to their main function, medicinal part, and effective component. But when it comes to intuitive and straightforward, nothing beats an alphabetical list of herbs.

Chinese wolfberry
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