Guerlain Aqua allegoria passiflora to absolutny numer jeden w rankingu najbardziej oczekiwanych, letnich premier Wszyscy mamy w pamięci zjawiskowe mandarine basilic. Herba Fresca smells of green plants after a storm, morning walk barefoot on a dewy grass, a smell of unforgettable summer. This is a rare and unexpect. This fragrance welcomes you with festive fireworks of freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon and bergamot juice, whose aroma then is melting in patchouli,. Aqua allegoria is the fresh arm of guerlain fragrances designed to have the piquancy and sharpness of a cologne with the hold of a fragrance. Aqua allegoria passiflora ist ein neues Parfum von guerlain für Damen und erschien im Jahr 2018. Der Duft ist frisch-fruchtig. Es wird von lvmh vermarktet.

aqua allegoria guerlain

My experience of wearing it usually starts with Mint! How wonderfully refreshing and quirkily original is that? Lemon, though listed, doesnt come through, and I count that as a welcome departure from the usual citric openings. About ten minutes later, some insecurity sets in: Hmm, maybe too much mint. Is it really original or silly and juvenile? Geez, i hope i dont smell like i bathed in mouthwash! But just when I start fretting that the whole thing was a terrible mistake, the mint starts morphing into a freshly-cut-grass note, then into flowers, most prominently cyclamen. Soon the flowers dominate, and though the mint never goes away, id classify the whole as a pretty, fresh, delicate floral. To my nose, its so floral I wouldnt recommend it to a guy, although if a guy really liked it, i think the naturalistic feel would help him pull it off. Anyone can smell like a meadow, after all, and a meadow—brightly green, sunlit, in full bloom—truly is what louis this perfume brings to mind.

aqua allegoria guerlain

Guerlain Aqua allegoria passiflora

Im normally pretty indifferent to guerlain, but this little perfume is wonderful. I bought it after trying three others from the Aqua allegoria line: Pamplelune halfway interested me but struck me as too heavy for summer; Flora nerolia was too generic a calorieen floral for my taste; and Mandarine basilic was just plain too generic. But Herba Fresca was impossible to forget, and as soon as the weather grew hot, i ran back to the store and got it, craving the unique refreshment it provided. To enjoy this refreshment, you definitely need to be fine with mint, or you *will* feel as though you spent your money on zonder a bottle of liquid Colgate. Mint is by far the most dominant note, so no matter how much one argues that its finely done and natural smelling, an amount of toothpaste associations is inevitable. Still, what Herba Fresca lacks in versatility (I feel its summer only, and then not for every day—not the one to pack for a desert-island vacation) it amply makes up for in how efficient it is as a special treat, almost a secret weapon,. It works beautifully when nothing else does, lacks any of the screechiness one usually fears with bright scents, and doesnt cause headaches no matter how much you apply. It also doesnt reek of any of the sillage-boosting chemicals that plague sundry Acqua di gioias and other popular summer scents.

Guerlain Aqua allegoria, passiflora

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aqua allegoria guerlain

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Aqua allegoria pamplelune guerlain

It is available as 75 ml edt. Guerlain Aqua allegoria lys Soleia was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Thierry wasser. Guerlain Aqua allegoria herba Fresca (1999 a real herbal green scent. Focusing on mint, but not quite: the dew on the leaves, the fine herbs. "The maiden Name debate". "we salute you rhcp news". "Return of the Prodigal Son." guitar Player. "Anthony kiedis's Red-Hot roommate?

aqua allegoria guerlain

Guerlain, aqua allegoria, passiflora

Aqua allegoria orange magnifica (Women) 2005 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Floral Aldehydic, olfactive description:Citrus(Orange, bergamot, tangerine) Aldehydic Green Floral(Jasmine, neroli) Almond woody(Cedarwood) Ambery powdery. Aqua allegoria pamplelune (Unisex) : 1999 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Chypre citrus, goji olfactive description:Citrus(Lemon, Grapefruit) Green Fruity Chypre woody(Sandalwood) Musky. Aqua allegoria winter Delice (Women) : 2000 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France Olfactive family:Chypre woody Olfactive description:Fruity Chypre Spicy cinnamon Balsamic woody musky remarks:Limited Edition Fellow perfume:Ambre sunton by Shiseido.

Aqua allegoria foliflora has notes of neroli, bergamot, apricot, white freesia, gardenia petals, sweet pea, angelica seeds, amber-vanilla and sandalwood. Aqua allegoria gentiana (Women) 2001 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, huisje olfactive family:Floral Green, olfactive description:Citrus(Grapefruit) Fruity Green Spicy Floral Musky woody. Aqua allegoria gentiana is a fresh fragrance. A blend of bergamot, orange, lime, gentiana and pear. With hints of pear, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Aqua allegoria herba Fresca (Unisex) 1999 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Chypre citrus, olfactive description:Citrus Minty(Peppermint) Green Aromatic Anise Chypre ozonic tea. Aqua allegoria lavande velours (Unisex) : 1999 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Fougere Fresh, olfactive description:Fresh lavender Aromatic Sage fougere powdery(Coumarine) woody. Aqua allegoria lemon Fresca (Women) 2003 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Citrus. Aqua allegoria mentafollia (Women) 2004 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Floral Green, olfactive description:Green(Green tea) Aromatic Minty mandarine Grapefruit Floral(Rose, jasmine) woody(Cedarwood) Musky.

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«savour a caipirinha under the lemon trees along the Amazon river.» Limon Verde is a dancing tropical fragrance. A feeling of freshness highlighted by sparkling accents. . Its pure and refined bottle with a golden mesh is a nod to the celebrated bee bottle. Aqua allegoria hoesje anisia bella (Women) 2004 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Chypre(Citrus olfactive description:Fresh Citrus(Orange, bergamot) Aromatic Anise basil Minty Green(Tea) Cassis Chypre violet Jasmine liquorice cedarwood Musky. Aqua allegoria flora nerolia (Women) 2000 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Floral. Olfactive description:Green Floral(Muguet, hyacinth, Orange blossom, neroli). Aqua allegoria foliflora (Women) 2003 guerlain(L.V.M.H.) France, olfactive family:Aromatic Floral, olfactive description:Green Floral woody vanillic.

Aqua allegoria guerlain
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