It is inexpensive, good packaging, nice smell, does not leave ashyness or white cast. It doesnt feel heavy on the face. Makes skin glowing but not shiny. Gives adequate moisture, skin looks better with softness and improved tone. Good for normal to oily skin. Has sunscreen protection, list of ingredients is there, not so good on Ponds White beauty daily Anti Spot fairness Cream. It is not for very dry skin.

white care shower cream of the pimple marks on the chin and cheeks and also gives some glow but the fairness is not yet noticeable. I would day it is more like a good day cream with sunscreen protection which doesnt feel heavy on the face. For dry skin this cream will need some extra moisturization before using this as this cream doesnt have moisturization to that extent that will keep the dry skin hydrated. Good about Ponds White beauty daily Anti Spot fairness Cream.

Wait I have seen a green one as well, which is dagcreme natural white having the herbal ingredients, oh that is so confusing. Moving on with the review. See : fair and lovely bb cream Price and review. This cream comes in a tub packaging. The cream is like the other ponds creams, a baby pink pflegelotion cream which doesnt have a smooth consistency. It is more on the thicker side so i was thinking that it will be difficult to blend this cream on the face and neck but the good thing is that it gets blended very easily and doesnt leave ashy or white cast on the. It is good on the moisturization as I thought like the previous versions, it will be very drying which is not the case with this cream here. White tone face powder, ponds white beauty is very creamy and gives light moisture. I would agree with the claim that it is light weight compared with the previous versions. Once applied this cream gives a soft glow on the face and skin feel moisturized.

white care shower cream

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Ponds White beauty daily Anti Spot fairness Cream review: I will review this newly launched Ponds White daily Anti Spot fairness Cream with the uva/uvb protection sunscreens and the genwhite complex for the fairness. This new version has lightweight and non oily. So, is this Ponds White daily Anti Spot fairness Cream lives up to the claims and does it really lightens the skin and lightens the spots. Read on to know more about this cream. Price of Ponds White beauty daily Anti Spot fairness Cream: This cream is for rupees 69 for this small 25 gram pack and bigger pack is also available. Ponds makes so many white beauty creams and keeps on launching more which is why i find it quite face confusing so, i did some googling and this is what I came to know. Earlier there was Ponds White beauty daily Spot-less Lightening Cream spf 15, then came this Ponds Flawless White visible lightening daily Cream with the corresponding night cream called as Flawless White Brightening Night Cream and here comes this Ponds White daily Anti Spot fairness Cream. I got it now.

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white care shower cream

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white care shower cream

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White care shower cream
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